This is Sam's Story

Welcome, we are Catherine and John - proud parents living in East Lancashire in the grand old North of England.


Together we have two beautiful boys named Samuel and Alexander.


This website is dedicated to our eldest, Sam, who came into our lives back in 2014 and has taken us on a rollercoaster of a ride since. Born prematurely, he has struggled with learning difficulties his entire life. We’ve seen countless doctors, surgeons and experts in all kinds of fields in search of answers - and five years on we are yet to uncover the full picture.


In October 2019, Alex was born and I was inspired. Starting the journey again with a child made us think about the journey we’ve been through with Sam; how we managed to cope with a child we were woefully unprepared for and how we wish someone had been there to guide us, who could relate to the struggle of discovering your child has learning difficulties.


This blog is for anyone to read but we hope that anyone who is a parent with a child who isn’t reaching milestones, who may have just been given a diagnosis that will affect them for the rest of their life, it’s for you we hope this blog helps let you know: you are not alone.

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